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11/7/09 Meeting Minutes

This was a cleaning party/meeting held at Dan Work's home in Federal Way. The event began at 10:00AM on November 7th, 2009.


Despite the nasty weather, this cleaning party was one of the best attended I have ever seen. We had all of the pads, rails, and blast plates clean and the rest of the gear nicely organized in the trailer in record time. Nice work, everybody!

Old Business

October Launch

As in the past, this year's October launch was a big success, with great weather and great attendance. There were a lot of successful certification flights, as well as a few failures. I'm already looking forward to next year! Thanks to Mike Wyvel and Robert Simpson-Clark for their great work as launch directors! Club Performance in 2009

Club Performance in 2009

We took some time to answer the question: how did we do this year. Overall we felt that we did well, but there are some areas we would like to improve for next year. We are still in need of a new high/mid-power launch controller (see below for more details). We would also like to improve our array of safety equipment. This includes additional fire extinguishers, fire rakes, and a more comprehensive first aid kit.

New Business

Fire in the Sky 2010

With very little arm twisting, we already have our launch co-directors for Fire in the Sky 2010. Dave Randal and Brad Wright have volunteered to run our big launch over Memorial Day weekend next year. They will need lots of help, so be ready to volunteer.

Launch Controller

We are still trying to find a replacement for our high/mid-power launch controller. Mike Wyvel has a couple of avenues that he is going to pursue for a wireless solution. Hopefully, we'll have an answer by the end of the year.

Northern GSE

We are looking into keeping some low-power GSE somewhere in the Redmond area to support the semi-regular launches at Sixty Acres. The trick will be to make sure that this same equipment is also available for our launches in Mansfield.

First Aid Kit

As part of our effort to improve the club's safety equipment, Bryan Whitemarsh has volunteered to investigate possible solutions for a new, more complete first aid kit to be stored in the club's trailer.

Officers for 2010

We are looking for candidates for the 2010 board of directors. The positions are: president, secretary/treasurer, and equipment manager. Carl Hamilton has tentatively had his hat thrown into the ring for another term as secretary/treasurer, but there were no other obvious volunteers for other positions.


Angela Wright
Bill Wyvel
Bob Jimerson
Brad Wright
Bryan Whitemarsh
Carl Hamilton
Dan Work
Dave Randall
Denny Smith
Kent Newman
Logan Wyvel
Mark Lyons
Mike Wyvel
Robert Simpson-Clark
Valerie Elmer

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