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4/5/2008 Meeting Minutes

Meeting began shortly after 7:00PM on August 2nd, 2008 at Peace Lutheran Church in Puyallup.

Old Business

August Launch

With very low interest being shown publicly for this event, the August commercial launch has been canceled.

October Launch

Mike Wyvel will be the launch director and it will be held at the Sportsman's Club location. Mike will be looking into marketing this last launch of the season as a "destination" launch. Stay tuned for more information.

Selling Launch Pads

Denny Smith found enough parts in his garage to assemble two new K-pods. Neil Anderson wants one and we believe there is still an interested party in Norway.

FITS 2008 Photos

Mike Wyvel will send email to the various lists announcing the availability of the FITS 2008 group photo taken by Kent. The price will be $15/photo. Payments will be made via PayPal by sending money to the WAC account at secretary _at_ washingtonaerospace _dot_ org.

New Business

Launch Controllers

Andrew MacMillen will have the new mid/high-power controller done in time for the October launch. The away cell controller needs to have the ni-cad battery pack in the controller box replaced with something that will allow us to use a standard 12v SLA battery.


The loan on the club trailer has been paid off. Wahoo! We need to transfer the title and registration to the club and look into insuring it. Carl will look into these things.

Prefecture Improvement Plan

Tripoli is offering funds to prefectures for "improvements". The plan is to purchase a new FM transmitter and antenna to replace the 10 year old system.

New Launch Pads

For FITS 2009, a target GSE improvement is to to provide four new mid-power launch pads to supplement the two existing Quad-pods. As with the high power pads previously, the offer to sell to individuals will be made to take advantage of any production run.


Andy Casillas
Bill Wyvel
Brad Wright
Carl Hamilton
Kent Newman
Mike Wyvel
Robert Simpson-Clark
There where others, but I didn't write them down.


Bob Jimerson (sp?)

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