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3/2005 Meeting Minutes

Another great Saturday launch. How long can this weather continue?

Logo contest for Puget Propulsion is still going and probably will
continue until a winning logo is decided on.

Monroe fees were delayed until later in the spring.

Bill Munds reported that the club trailer was being beefed up with a
stronger axle.

Bill also reported the club magazine should be scheduled for
inspection in 2 weeks.

Another logo contest! WAC is looking for a new web site logo!

July Monroe launch moved to the 2nd of July.

Someone needs to help John with the club trailer. WAC needs vehicles
to tow the trailer to launch events.

3/2005 Launch Report

For the third month in a row Washington Aerospace had dry weather and some
sunshine for our launch at Monroe.  We arrived to find two local farmers
tilling the field so tall grass is no longer a problem.  Unfortunately the
wind was consistently out of the south all day, only varying in it's speed.

We set things up and had a fliers meeting at 10:45, but no one rushed out to
the pads to be the first to test the upper level winds.  Gradually as more
folks arrived a few models were launched and most were recovered without
entering the swamp.  When it became clear that the wind was here to stay
several fliers decided to enjoy the day anyway.

Final stats for the day stood at 37 flights, 39 motors, with only one
non-return from the swamp.  The breakdown by motors was as follows:
A - 1
B - 5
C - 4
D - 7
E - 4
F - 4
G - 2
H - 4
I - 5
J - 1

Neil and Grant Anderson got the frequent flyer award with 6 flights during
the day ranging from D to I in size.  Congratulations go to Eric Albrecht
for a successful Level 2 cert flight.

It was great to see so many new faces at the launch including Bryon Schopp
and his wife who drove over from Bridgeport (north of Mansfield).  Remember
that next month Washington Aerospace will not be launching at Monroe but
will instead be over at Mansfield for the first two day launch of the year
on April 2 & 3.  Our monthly club meeting will be that Saturday night in
Mansfield.  We intend to be back at Monroe on Saturday, May 7.

Jim Pommert

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