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5/2004 Minutes

  • Old Business
    • Jim Pommert, Scott Bowers, and Jim Wilkerson reported on the Mansfield trip. The trip was a great success with and an excellent launch site was located. The town's mayor, Tom, is enthusiastic about hosting Fire in the Sky (FITS) over the Memorial Day weekend.
    • Bill Clugston reported that the club is committed to a booth at the Puyallup Fair.
  • New business:
    • Andrew detailed his new on-line shopping site for club gear. The site will also help the club bank account by contributing a portion of each to WAC. Gene was also looking into t-shirt designs, but the club decided to stay with the current WAC logo.
    • Scott Bowers will be Launch Director for FITS, but emphatically said he will not be organizing any other launch this year! Andrew agreed to run the Monroe launches for this summer. Bill Munds, if certified, will be (drafted) Launch Director for future launches!
    • Jim Pommert made a motion that WAC purchase the former WHIP hi-power pads. The motion was seconded and passed. Jim, on his tour of Eastern Washington, will also pick up Scott Binder's low power pads that Scott donated to the club.
    • Scott Bowers went through a list of items needed for Fire in the Sky. Fire extinguishers, water, some form of shade, crowd control lines, badges, GMRS radios, and trash cans were among items mentioned. Scott said while we had permission to use the old sprint car track area, camping locations were yet to be determined. He did say, however, that if you are camping to bring your own water. Scott also mentioned the MIA first aid kit has been found. The range fee for FITS will be $10.00 per family.
    • Special events are also planned for FITS. Scott Harrison, of West Coast Hybrids, will be demoing new hybrid motors with Alex McLaughlin's (OROC) help. OROC also deserves special mention for supplying GSE for FITS. WAC will also sponsor a rocket-building event for the kids.
    • Jim Wilkerson suggested american flags from Iraq for the town & mayor of Mansfield.
    • John Hawkins discussed progress on the club storage magazine.

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