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4/2004 Minutes

  • Old Business
    • Mansfield Launch Site Progress:
         Jim Pommert made a planning trip to Mansfield,WA for a major launch at the end of May (Fire in the Sky). The Mayor, who's also the fire marshal, continues to be very supportive and enthusiastic about having WAC stage launches at Mansfield. We can thank a lot of this support to the Discovery channel rocketry program.
      Some Jim pointed out several items about Mansfield. First, accommodations are very limited. We're talking a one gas station town with a general store. Most of the major stores are located 20 to 30 miles away in Wenatchee. The good news is that the town has a large number of EMT trained people, but figure on a helicopter ride if you get seriously injured! Fire season runs from July to September so don't plan for launches in that time period.
         The first formal launch is planned for Memorial Day weekend. An EX launch is in the works for June with a possible commercial engine launch for July, depending on the fire season. Launches will resume in mid-September, once again depending on the fire sason.    We'll need volunteers for a Mansfield launch operations committee, multiple RSOs, LCO volunteers, and other help.
         The club also discussed having club T-shirts and IDs for Mansfield to help identify club members for the Mansfield residents. I believe this was set-aside for later discussion.
    • Launch Notification:
         One of the re-occurring issues with the club is the notification of upcoming launches. This was especially true of the Orting site due to its shared status. John Hawkins promised to try and schedule Orting launches as far in advance as possible. The designated official launch information source will be the Northwest Rocketry web site and all regional launches will be announced on Northwest Rocketry web site.
    • Club Equipment Trailer Progress:
         John Hawkins informed the members that the club trailer rebuild is coming along nicely. The frame is repainted, new tires have been installed, and the club has purchased new lighting. The trailer also has been registered with WA state and now has plates and title.
  • New club business:
    • Club Explosives Magazine:
         John Hawkins is spear-heading a project to buy and build a club explosives magazine located in rural Pierce county. Contact John if you'd like to contribute $50 for a space in the magazine. A great idea if you can't have local storage for your LEUP! The magazine is expected to be completed in the May to June time-frame.
         Considerable discussion was given to liability and inspection issues regarding the magazine. Club members should plan on separate storage boxes within the magazine (ex. surplus ammo box). The magazine itself would be locked with the separate day/storage boxes sealed with lead or plastic seals to facilitate BATFE inspections.
    • Club Participation at the Puyallup Fair:
         Bill Clugston asked the membership if they were interested in a booth at the Puyallup Fair in September. The membership responded in a positive manner even after Bill said he was definitely going to XPRS this year! Kris Hull was immediately drafted after he volunteered to do every night at the Fair. Looks like we're doing the Puyallup again! It is definitely a great outreach event for us.

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