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6/16/2001 Launch

Bill Clugston:
The Saturday Offut Lake launch had six people show up to launch (five actually active). Bill Clugston, Kaitlyn Clugston (5 years old and loaded her own rocket!), James Clugston, Tim Pace, Andrew MacMillen, and Andrew's friend whose name escapes me. Andrew started things off with a H powered rocket that had a beautiful flight and then disappeared into the brush.

Andrew, did you ever find it?

Next up were the Clugston kids with a Fat Boy and an Alpha III with clean flights. Tim loaded up his Sidewinder with an EconoJet F and turned in a great flight! Dad finally had his shot with a heavily modified Ci Ci boost glider that unfortunately wrapped it's streamer around the glider. A later flight proved much more successful with a decent gliding flight (but lost the pod -- darn!). The kids had one more go with the model rockets and then Bill and Tim finished with D and H powered flights respectively.

Aside from being a bit rocky and hilly it's a great site and we could sure use some more company! I have to admit though, the short launch lines are nice :-)

Andrew MacMillen:
Well, Bill, Aaron Shaw & I actually started off an hour before, and handled all the sacrifices to the wind & rocket gods to make your flights work. Aaron launched his Outlaw into the sky on an 1/4A and where it landed no one knows. I followed by stripping 2 of 3 blades off a brand new Skywinder with a C6-3 and a lawn - well - gravel dart. Then a nice flight with a Condor with a B4-2 and one glider *way* down wind. We then decided to move upwind & out to the middle of things for mid and high power. Next up was my scratch Point6 on a perfect flight & recovery on a D15-7 (one dozen flights & counting!) Then y'all showed up in time for me to sacrafice my L1 cert Yank Mystic Buzz and my first 38mm flight with a brand new 38/240 casing with an H123-M to the gods. They're still retaining rights, but I'm holding out for a return.

Yes, *love* those short lines!!! Hint, hint.

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