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4/7/2001 Minutes

  • Attending Members: 6
  • Guests: 3
  • Last months launch at the new South Sound site had around 30 flights. The site looks to be a good site. Kent is talking to Jim Lambert (FAA) about getting us a certificate that gives us permission for flying. That way we have something in writing. Possible launch next Saturday April 14.
  • Missile works is coming out with a new altimeter. It will have something for triggering a camera called a flight management system. This will give ARDAS some competition.
  • Dave Davis spoke on the importance of ground support for our launches and volunteered to loan us one until we got up and running. There is a possibility of buying the old BMR system for $300. Batteries and launch rods will be extra. Dave suggested the batteries that he used for Monroe. A double pack would run about $60. When we do get our ground support upkeep will a big job taking 30 minutes approx. per pad.
  • Projects:
    • Tim Pace had a sidewinder with a 29 mm motor mount. His first glassing project.
    • Kent brought his V2 in which he put positive motor retention. The paint scheme was black and yellow.
    • Andrew built a rocket for his hybrid system. Hopefully he will be testing it next Monroe.

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