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2/3/2001 Minutes

  • Members Attending: 8
  • The South sound site was discussed. We will be having a members only launch on March 17th. A St, Paddy's Day launch. Andy will contact Dave Davis about helping support the launch with some equipment. Andy and Mark Smithlin will check into making our own launch system. Tim Pace will get in touch with the landowner.
  • Tom Hougha talked about his new Saturn 5 with a central "I" motor and "4" G motors. Also discussed was the failure method of his previous Saturn 5 that crashed last month at Monroe. Concern was raised by many members as to how he would ignite the cluster of motors and how much voltage would be needed.
  • Bill Secrest talked about a new web site he stumbled across and the technology they were using.
  • Andrew talked about the Pratt Hobbies H70 hybrid that he just bought and how it works. May or June is the estimated date for first flight.
  • Andy showed his hand layed fiberglass rocket that is a modified Performer. It was 11 ½ feet long and weighed 17 lbs. He is planing on using an L to L or M to L motor configuration for the 2-stage rocket.
  • We also watched the last Balls video.

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