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We can't do this launch without your help! Please fill out the fields, select one or more jobs, and click the "Volunteer" button below to volunteer to help out at Fire in the Sky!

Restrictions: You must be level 2 or level 3 certified to act as RSO (primary or backup). You must be a TRA member to act as LCO on Friday.

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May 26thLCOPad ManagerRSOBackup RSORange ManagerRegistration DeskRegistration Desk
8:00AMBob YanecekEmptyEmpty
10:00AMMark LyonsSue CampbellEmpty
12:00PMJim WilkersonCorinne HaskinsDick Haskins
4:00PMGreg DeputyEmptyMike Graves
May 27thLCOPad ManagerRSOBackup RSORange ManagerRegistration DeskRegistration Desk
8:00AMMichael GarvaisStephen Mats MatsMichael BennightBill WyvelAndy BarwickTorrey PodmajerskyMason Barwick
10:00AMJim WilkersonTorrey PodmajerskyEmptyEmptyEmptySue CampbellEmpty
12:00PMJim JopsonRyan WinslowBrendan WillliamsEmptyJohn BragerCorinne HaskinsDick Haskins
2:00PMBob YanecekRobert JopsonMark LyonsDave KingDaron JohnsonEmptyEmpty
4:00PMEmptyEmptyJim PommertJC WorthenTim DollEmptyEmpty
6:00PMGreg DeputyEmptydavid woodardEmptyMike GravesEmptyEmpty
8:00PMEric BlumhagenEmptyEmptyEmptyEmptyEmptyEmpty
May 28thLCOPad ManagerRSOBackup RSORange ManagerRegistration DeskRegistration Desk
8:00AMJim WilkersonMichael BennightAndy BarwickRobert JopsonBill WyvelEmpty
10:00AMBob YanecekKent NewmanMark LyonsDave KingDaron JohnsonSue Campbell
12:00PMEmptyEric BlumhagenChris StoneRyan WinslowBrendan WillliamsEmpty
4:00PMEmptyEmptyJim PommertJC WorthenTim Doll
6:00PMEmptyEmptydavid woodardEmptyEmpty
May 29thLCOPad ManagerRSOBackup RSORange ManagerRegistration DeskRegistration Desk
10:00AMMark LyonsDave King

Job Descriptions

Here are descriptions from the Washington Aerospace Range Procedures of the jobs mentioned above.

Launch Control Officer (LCO)

  • Handles load/fire/recover sequence for each rack
  • Declares "range open" and "range closed"
  • Monitors range for interference and/or safety problems
  • Pushes the buttons

Pad Manager

  • Check that fliers have paid range fees and filled out flight cards, including correct date and RSO initials
  • Assigns rockets to racks and pads

Range Safety Officer (RSO)

  • Official responsibility for all safety-related issues
  • Can delegate authority to other safety officers
  • Must have Tripoli or NAR L2 certification
  • RSO's word on safety issues is final and will not be changed

Range Manager

  • Assists fliers in placing rockets on pads, attaching igniters and checking continuity
  • Mobile in the launch area to assist fliers as required
  • Coordinates with RSO and LCO for misfires and recycles

Registration Desk

  • Checks-in attendants upon arrival
  • Handles club membership applications and renewals
  • Distributes flier and spectator wrist bands
  • Sells raffle tickets

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